May 25, 2009

¡25 de Mayo!

Hello again!

Happy 25 de Mayo! It’s one of the four big patriotic holidays today, the day of the Revolution. We were very lucky to have stumbled across an open cyber today, everything’s closed. Happy Memorial Day for you guys.

Mom, I just think that you should know that after your tech class, you’re not really going to know how to use a computer/the internet better. You’ll just be able to write web pages and code some sort of programmystuffs. I wish you luck. If you think he might be able to help you, Paul is kinda familiar with HTML.

So, we met the standard placed by Elder Oaks of talking with 140 people this week (10 a day each one). We’ve already seen some of the blessings. We’ve gotten into a few houses and they have listened to us. Woohoo! Sadly, nobody came to Church. But we have potential investigators now.

The primary is kinda big for Argentina. I don’t really know how big it is, though. The youth program, however, is just what I’m used to: a bunch of Young Men and no Young Women.

As for my last baptism, he and his mother have not come to Church the last two weeks. She’s really interested in the Temple, more curiosity than anything, so we’ve been trying to use that to lure her to Church. It’s not really working, though. We may have to threaten to not help her sand her walls.

All in all, I’m doing alright. I hope you’re all doing well.


May 18, 2009


Hellos again.

So, it was Zone Conference this week. That was good. Kinda sad because the only letter I got was one that I had tried to send that came back. :S Oh well.

So, Elder Gardner and I have started playing a game while talking with the people. We give each other words that we have to use while talking to someone. It’s really pretty fun. It makes you think of things quickly. And it’s pretty fun.

That’s great to hear about Michael [Dougherty]. I’ll absolutely send my condolences if you get me the contact info.

So, I bought new shoes today. This time they should last longer. They are a highly recommended brand: Oxigeno. I’ve met another elder with this kind of shoe and he said they held up well.

So, they’re building offices at Ground Zero, then? I wasn’t ever sure what they were going to do. It’s kinda interesting to know.

Sorry this is really short, but I can’t really think of anything else to say. I’m doing well, staying happy. I’ve found an ice cream place that does shakes and if you choose the right flavor, it turns into a malt! They have one flavor with malted milk balls. I didn’t get it, I’ll have to.


May 11, 2009


Hello again!

Happy Mother’s Day! Again.

The sun rose well on our baptism day. (Picture included) It all went pretty well. We baptized Lucas (10 years old) and his family all came. It seemed kinda like a Catholic baptism in that his sister was taking pictures of the whole ordinance. Nobody noticed that the camera was out before we began. But he got baptized. I confirmed him yesterday. I really don’t like doing confirmations. I shouldn’t be the one doing them. The missionaries shouldn’t really be the ones baptizing either. We should be the witnesses. It should be sort of a formal hand-over of the investigator from the missionaries to the members. But this ward is way too missionary-dependant anyway. All I can do is sigh and do what I can to get them more independent.

Other than that there’s not really any news. The hermana in whose house we live told us to read a book and gave us a copy to borrow. The book was “The Diary of Adam and Eve” by Mark Twain. It was very entertaining. Adam thinks that Cain is a fish, then a kangaroo, then a bear. I read it is Spanish, so I don’t think I fully appreciate the book, but I think that Mom would really enjoy it. If you haven’t read it.

Well, that’s it. See ya!


May 8, 2009

It's May!


Well, first things first, Mother’s Day call. I think it would be easier/better if you called me. I do not have a member’s phone available this time. I recommend finding a decent international phone card. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just go to Giant or something. Now, because you’ll be calling a cell phone it’s kinda weird. Well, if you knew the number it would be weird. So, to save on confusion I’ll just give you the number that you’ll need to call.

Well, there it is.

And, because you liked the pictures so much, I’ll send some more. I think I’ll just send one this time, though. I tried getting pictures of the mountains, including Aconcagua, but they didn’t turn out too well because it was a hazy day. But I got some really nice sunsets where you can see the mountains. Sort of. I’ll send one of those. Also, a picture of an abandoned bodega that we found the other day that for some reason had cow heads on it. Hmmm…

So, we have a baptism on Saturday!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!! It’s Lucas. He is a ten-year-old boy and very excited to be baptized.

I have made an interesting observation. The farther you go from the mountains, the bigger they look. I think that’s kinda weird. I don’t understand it. We were as close to the mountains as our boundaries permit, and they looked kinda small. Then we were much farther away, and they looked huge. It confuses me.

Transfers have come and gone. Both Elder Gardner and I stayed. This is good. We get along well and have a great time. And we spent all of the last transfer just trying to find and meet pretty much everyone on the ward list. Now we can start finding investigators.

I’m way excited for the new Bible in Spanish. I don’t know if I’ve told you about it yet or not. It comes out in September. It has JSTs and the Bible Dictionary. It’ll be great.

Well, that’s about it.