April 26, 2010

District Leader

So, new news. I'm now district leader. Exciting. Other than that not much new. I think something happened this week that I was going to tell you, but I don't remember. I really should write these things down. I got a new mattress. It was hard as a rock, but it's softening up. We had an activity on Friday. A guided tour of the Plan of Salvation. It's always really fun every time I do it.

Other than that not much. Great that you got my Jerusalem packet. It probably would've been a good idea to open it in case you need some information from me. The packet I have with the dates seems to indicate that after the application date all of the other due dates are pretty quick. Oh well, I guess there's next week for that. If you need to know, I haven't decided if I want to do the Hebrew or Arabic track. I think I would enjoy Hebrew more.

I have enough contacts to last me until I get home, but I will need a new prescription. I don't know if my eyes are better or worse (I suspect possibly better), but they have changed.


April 19, 2010

Elder Budge - Cat Saver

So, this week has been fun. Fun things like saving a cat that was stuck up a tree. Unfortunately the old lady didn't want it. Don't know what happened to the poor cat.

Later in the week we were going to an appointment, but still had time. Some guy on a bike called us over and invited us into his house. He was clearly drunk. He went to the bathroom, came out, and pulled out a knife. He pointed it at me, spun it around so the handle faced me and said "want to look at my knife?" Then he gave us hot chocolate and some rolls. All in all not the funnest experience as we had no idea who he was. It turns out that as a kid he played soccer every week with the missionaries. It is a very good practice because then scary situations like this turn out fine, and we can go into dangerous neighborhoods just fine because the dangerous people have good memories of playing soccer with the missionaries as kids.

Not too much else going on. Thanks for the Jerusalem news. And I did get the package. I thought I had told you that, but I guess not. I got it and finished it about three weeks ago. Thanks.


April 13, 2010

Another Week

So, another week, another adventure.

Except this week there wasn't much adventure. Just the same old stuff. Zone conference was yesterday, thus the writing today. It was good. Next transfer will be a conference with Elder Zivic. This will mean that I will have had conferences with all of the Area Presidency during my mission: one for my first conference, one in the middle, and one for my last. Interensting.

My best finding technique has been to strive for obedience mixed with fervent prayer. That's really the only way I've been able to find people who are ready for baptism.

If, perchance, I do not go to Jerusalem rooming with Neil would be a fun thing for me. And also very convenient on the mathamatical front. It's a good idea that I think we should go for. The Jerusalem packet says that you should know by the 16th, so keep your eyes peeled on the mailbox.

As for the homegoing date, everybody here pretty much knows when they're going home. It's usually two years and four days after you started. You find you two year date (June 18) project out the transfers date (June 23) and the tuesday of that week (June 22) is when you go home.

I hope all is well with you all. Keep chugging along.


April 5, 2010

Transfers again

So, another week has gone by. This was an interesting one. On
Tuesday we went to the annual commemoration of the Lord's Supper
with the Jehovah's Witnesses. It was an interesting and
enlightening experience. I learned, for example, that only
those who have been annointed by the Holy Ghost
the 144,000) may take the sacrament.

Then came transfers. I got transferred. I am now back in my
first town, in my first apartment, sleeping in my first bed.
How 'bout that. I'm back in Villa Mercedes, but this time
in the other ward, 25 de Mayo. It should be a good time.
My companion is Elder Alvarado. He is from El Salvador,
and has the same amount of time as me. We are looking to
have a lot of fun.

While meeting some of the members here, I learned something
rather interesting. We all know that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance
Kid ended up in Bolivia. Well, they apparently passed through
Argentina on theway and robbed a bank here in Villa Mercedes.
Fun stuff.

That's about it. I've finalized my schedule for Fall semester. It's
more to my liking now, but I would still rather go to Jerusalem in
September. We'll see.