September 28, 2009

The Firefighters, the Missionaries


Well, this was a rather exciting week. On Wednesday we did divisions with the Zone Leaders. Elder Sargent (ZL) went with my companion and convinced him to burn the pictures of his girlfriend. The thing is, she didn’t burn; she exploded. I saw the video, it was rather exciting. Then, on Friday we went to visit our recent converts when we heard “pop, pop, pop”. We thought it was fireworks or something, but then Ime (recent convert) said “It’s a real fire, and it’s at my mom’s house!!!” So, we ran over there and put out the fire. Somebody had set their wood pile ablaze. It was a huge fire, and it ruined about half their garden. But, we had the fire out before the firefighters got there. It only took us 45ish minutes. And yesterday we were walking along, and a dog tried to bite Elder Ayer. He kicked it, and then a man in a blue car pulled over and asked us if we wanted him to shoot the dog for us. We said no.

Saturday was the “worldwide” service project. We all went up to Mendoza to the Parque San Martín and cleaned up a school. It was very unorganized. There was no direction. But, I got to see a bunch of missionaries who I haven’t seen in a long time, including my second companion, Elder Opheikens. Also there was my MTC comp, Elder Roy. It was a fun get together.

I haven’t gotten the Christmas CD yet, but it should be in the offices by now. The Zone Leaders, and maybe us, are going there next week. We’ll see.

So, your new compy should be there this week. That’s good. I’m guessing it will probably be running Vista. But it’s Sony, right? You should get the same deal I did with my laptop, and have them send you the new OS. At least, that would make sense as it comes out soon.

Well, I hope you all have a great GC weekend. Pay attention, learn something, and most importantly, enjoy it!


September 22, 2009

American food in Argentina


Not too much to talk about right now. In the search for investigators. Actually, in the search for getting into shape and looking for investigators. For some reason, I have gotten really lazy. I just can’t seem to motivate myself into working like I know I can.

Not much other news. Cleaned the house this morning, the downstairs floor still needs work. I’ll send pictures when everything’s clean. Maybe video if I can get one small enough. Just to show you how clean it really is.

Um... New bibles are out. I’ve ordered mine. Just gotta wait now. Yep. It’ll be great when they get here.

English Liahonas seem to have disappeared at Zone Conferences.

Zone Conference was good. I think President’s talk got everyone a little trunky. He told us all that we need to think a little about what we’re going to do after the mission. Weird, huh?

Well, that’s about it for this week. Oh! The whole zone got together for lunch today in San Martin. We went to a new restaurant called Rixy. It’s as close to a 50’s diner that you can get in Argentina. Their burgers were pretty close to a real burger. Just way too small. It was pretty good, but kinda expensive.

Until next week.


September 15, 2009



Well we had a baptism!!! Two, actually. Imelda and Natacha Soto. They’re way cool. I’m sending pictures from the other account. The baptism went great. They seem like very strong members now. They just need the other members’ support.

It’s really interesting that Mom talked about eating well. Yesterday we ate tacos for lunch to celebrate. Elder Ayer got some Taco Bell seasoning, so we used it. We had found tortillas, cheddar cheese, and we even used some Cassan Crem(somewhere in between sour cream and cream cheese). Unfortunately, we failed to notice that the cassan crem expired on the 10th. I was (am) all right, but Elder Ayer was throwing up all night and is still not feeling tip-top. But that’s life. I think that every missionary, at some point or another, suffers from food poisoning. Well, every missionary outside the US.

Other than that, not much other news. Keep on keeping on. Oh! The new bible is out!!!! YAY!!!!!! I’m still gonna have to wait about a month to get mine, though. But I ordered it! Woohooo!!!

Well, now that’s all. Have a good week!


September 7, 2009



Well, it’s another week, another transfer, another area, another companion. I’m back in the same zone as San Martín, this time in Rivadavia. My companion is Elder Ayer. He’s from New Hampshire. He’s fun. We’ll have a blast.

The coolest thing of note of the last week other than transfers is this. Last night we went to visit a member. The Hermano Largayoli. He’s really cool. We started talking a ton about the Masons with him. He got very excited, and Elder Ayer was left wide-eyed because of all the new stuff he learned. I really want to learn more about the Masons.

Sorry this is so short, I just don’t have much to talk about. We’re not allowed to wear watches anymore, so we’re going to go looking for pocket watches today.