January 26, 2009

Internet went out in all the Cibers, so from a member's house. Shhh...

Hellos again.

I found it interesting that both Mom and Kelly closed their e-mails with apologies about rambling. I guess we’re just a rambling family. (Flashes of the Muppet Show with Steve Martin fly through my head.) I also found Dad’s comment on how Kelly looked so grown up [in her school's musical] interesting. Everybody who looks at my pictures thinks that 1) Paul is me. 2) Kelly is in her 20s. Weird.

Anyways, news of the week. There isn’t much. I wish that people would leave me alone about Obama, though. 1) It’s a breach of protocol for me to talk about politics. 2) I am here with no way of knowing what’s giong on. I, therefore, have no opinions about Obama so far. 3) This seems to be a week of lists. All I know about Obama is what the Argentines tell me, and I really don’t trust their sources. But it would seem that Obama has shut down Guantanamo Bay. Again, no opinions because I have absolutely no info. So, don’t ask me about it. Next question.

Hmm... I’m sitting here across from a Santeria. Maybe I’ll come home with a Gauchito Gil... I’m not sure what he is. A gaucho. I think that people think he’s a Saint. I don’t think he qualifies. But he’s a kinda cool looking gaucho.

I’ve decided that my area, geographically, is a lot like Provo. We’re up in the foothills of the cordillera. Sometimes I can see a peak with snow. But the area is entirely hills, and thus more difficult to walk all around than my other areas.

I get the suspicion that I will be back in San Juan next transfer, though. It would seem as, maybe, senior comp.

Godoy Cruz is a city in the greater Mendoza area. Kinda like the difference between Pentagon and Crystal Cities. But with more people. And suburbish neighborhoods.

That’s about it for now.

Until next week,


January 19, 2009

Special Transfers!

Hello again!

Some news. On Wednesday morning we received a call from the President. Elder Sime’s mother had sent an email saying that he had to be home on Friday because he had two exams to take on Monday. Prez said that he had to be in Mendoza on Thursday with all his stuff. Then the phone got passed to me. I had to go with all my stuff too. “Oh. Okay President.” So, for now, Rawson, Boulevard, and Progreso are closed. Probably to be opened at transfers.

In related news (you’ll see why), Elder Neibaur’s mother took a turn for the worse and he got sent home with three months left. I got sent as his replacement in Estanzuela. Estanzuela is the name of a neighborhood/ward in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza. So now I have been in areas in all three of the provinces in the Mission. Something that not very missionaries get to do.

My new companion is another Latin, Elder Gonzalez from Chile. Our area is by far the smallest area I’ve had yet, but it has the highest Church attendance. Go figure. It is also the only one of my areas that doesn’t touch Cordoba. Related? Maybe…

We have a McDonalds in my area, and apparently the Hipermercado sells Newman’s Own dressings. A little taste of home.

Almost all of the apartments in the mission are populated by one missionary companionship. There are a few exceptions, but not many. We pay the bills, but are reembursed by the office, so the Mission pays. We generally have lunch with members, but when we don’t we make our own stuff/be lazy and order pizza or empanadas or something. More of the making our own . . . pizza gets expensive. Having a native Spanish-speaker as a companion is a very good thing. It makes me improve in the language. It’s not that different, though.

Sorry this is pretty short, but I really don’t have that much else to say. You know how talkative we are in the family. Well, with the exception of Kelly.

So, until next week.


January 13, 2009

"My brain's shot"


Sorry there’s not going to be much this time, I have a lot on my mind and can’t think straight.

This last week the Assistants came to work in my area. This is the second time in six weeks that I’ve worked with an Assistant. How unusual. But it was good. I got to know the area (well, part of it anyway) really well.

The reason that the last few times I wrote on Tuesday are as follows. The Christmas party was on a Monday. Transfers were on a Monday. Zone Conference was on a Monday. But now I get my regular P-day back.

My brain’s shot and I have about forty-five minutes to come to a state of being able to work, so I’ll finish here.

More next week,


January 6, 2009

Sun, Sun, Sun

Hello again!

The sun is very strong here. I’ve got a nice peeling burn on the back of my neck from playing soccer last P-day. And then the whole zone (well, almost) got together this morning to play.

I did get a letter from the Bishop family yesterday. Feel free to tell them that I appreciate the thought and like the pictures.

New Years was interesting. We invited the Elders from Centro (our district leader) over to celebrate and spend the night. He didn’t want to. He felt kinda sick and no doubt was afraid of getting lost. But we went and bought a small little firework to celebrate. Nobody got hurt. Although we did have a neighbor who was throwing rather bomb-like firecrackers at passersby yelling “Happy new year!” For about an hour before the festivities (midnight) we were busy fighting off a dog that wanted very badly to get into the apartment. It just kept coming and coming. We brought out a squeegee to push it back, but it wouldn’t go. Finally it spotted another family going into their apartment and decided to try there.

I’m still getting to know the new area. I now feel the pain of the missionaries who come into a new area where we live. At least here everything is on a grid.

Not much else to report. I’ll write again next week.