June 7, 2010

Let the Penultimate Adventure Begin

So, it's the beginning of my second to last week. Fairly exciting. We have one perspective baptism. It is the grandson of the other Elders' landlord. He recently started coming back to Church since his wife died. At least we have some motivation to work.

My companion and I have been analyzing our experiences the last two years. We have decided that there is a great difference between missionaries in South America South and missionaries elsewhere. One of those is the members. We have virtually no help from the members. That means that we have far more exposure to the common people, or the non-elite. (The elite being the Lord's elite) This has made us very tired of the people.

As for the coat, it was big, heavy, took up a lot of room, and was starting to break, so I left it in Malargüe for some poor Elder without a big coat for the cold winter there.

Many thanks for the flight info. I am very glad to be on only two flights.


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