May 18, 2010

Another Week

Well, I'm going from a different email today, and a day late. It's a long story, and I don't really care to remember too much about yesterday. In short I didn't realize that the cyber had faulty keyboards and got my missionary account locked out because I tried by password too many times when one key didn't work. Grumble... Unfortunately I'm still locked out, I have informed tech support about this. So much for starting the week without stress.

There was some fun stuff this week. I talked with a guy from Blackfoot, Idaho on Saturday. He has been living here for the last twenty years. He seems to enjoy himself, but doesn't "want anything to do with Mormons." It is weird to me talking about the Gospel with people in English now. We also went to the Sony Music studio here in Villa Mercedes to take a tour. It was really fun. It is the best music studio in Latin America. They have a really big studio. One that is on par with Abbey Road. It was pretty impressive.

Transfers come every six weeks, on Wednesday. The newbies come in, and the old guys go home on the Tuesday before. My companion and I from last transfer have stayed together, and so will finish together. President told us that he is closing the area when we go because more are leaving than are coming. Those are my newsy things.

I am incredibly envious. Little Shop is one of my favorite shows that I have always wanted to see.

Hope all is well.


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