May 24, 2010

Happy 200 Argentina!

Well, tomorrow is 25 of May. The bicentennial of Argentina. Everyone is more patriotic than I have ever seen them. I guess it's cool that I got to be here for the bicentennial. Not much too special. I did divisions the other day in Justo Daract and there was some shindig in the plaza. The announcer guy started talking about 25 de Mayo. "May 25th, 1810, was a day like today; 200 years ago..." Yup. I never would've guessed that.

Not too much else happened. We are going to have a big tallent show type activity. Should be lots of fun.

Now news on my flight plans. I will find out the day before I get home. I think that they will email you saying when I will get in. I hope. All the dates were wrong on the Stewardship Letter instructions I got today, so I hope they get it right.


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